Moogle haakpatroon (ENGELS)

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Dit is een gedetailleerd HAAKPATROON met duidelijke foto’s en uitleg. Het patroon is geschreven in het ENGELS.

De Moogle is ongeveer 22 cm lang, wanneer ze gehaakt wordt met Catania schagenmayr of vergelijkbaar materiaal.

Let op: het is een patroon, niet het eindproduct!

Je ontvangt direct na het afronden van je bestelling een email waarin een link staat om het PDF bestand te downloaden. Je vindt deze link in de email onder het kopje ‘Downloads’.

Wat moet je kunnen?
– Lossen (ketting van lossen)
– Vasten
– Stokjes
– halve vasten
– Meerderen
– Minderen
– Rond haken
– Onderdelen aan elkaar naaien

Dit is een origineel patroon van © Squarepig Crochet. Gelieve dit patroon niet door te verkopen.

31 beoordelingen voor Moogle haakpatroon (ENGELS)

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  1. Brittany

    “It came out pretty good. Wings were a lot harder with thicker yarn, so I don’t recommend wings with thick yarn lol. But overall, very easy to follow and super cute!”

  2. Gerardo

    “It’s a patern to make a MOOGLE…. A MOOGLE!!!! of course it’s great”

  3. Tina

    “Gute Anleitung, wie gewünscht :)”

  4. Susanna

    “This pattern is very easy to follow, definitely doable for beginners like me!”

  5. Erica

    “Pattern did not look anything like how it was supposed to.”

  6. Sign in with Apple user

    “Beautiful. Thankful for this pattern”

  7. Marshall

    “the pattern was well put together!”

  8. Sign in with Apple user

    “Really thorough and useful step by step pattern tutorial. Thanks! He turned out so cute ??”

  9. Nick

    “Such a great cute pattern”

  10. serena

    “Can’t wait to make more.”

  11. Sarah

    “. . . . .”

  12. Salil Hijazi

    “The pattern was easy to read!”

  13. Nicole

    “Adorable and can’t wait to make it!”

  14. Ian

    “This was the perfect quick project for Christmas time”

  15. Bethany

    “Cute. Easy to follow pattern”

  16. Nina

    “Simple, easy pattern. Only trouble was the wings, but got there in the end”

  17. Jewels

    “Awesome pattern. Easy to follow.”

  18. Valatous

    “Easy to read pattern. Thank you!”

  19. Holly

    “can’t wait to start making”

  20. Tabitha

    “This was super fun to make and they stand on their own when tension is right”

  21. Magaly

    “très beau model de moogle”

  22. Marie

    “Adorable, je me suis régalée à faire ce petit Kupo !”

  23. Krystal

    “my husband loves it! great pattern.”

  24. Morgan

    “Easy to follow instructions even for a semi-beginner, turned out great!”

  25. Chele


  26. Antharina

    Very easy pattern to follow

  27. Antharina

    “Tolle Anleitung. Leicht nach zu machen.”

  28. Marta

    “they are super cute! The wings were a little tricky but I was able to follow the description 🙂 very nice pattern”

  29. Inactive Etsy Member

    “adorable pattern and easy to follow. Just have to wait for my Auntie to make it for me now! haha.”

  30. Chloe

    “SUPER CUTE!! Love him. The pattern is very easy to follow!”

  31. Kiera

    “really good pattern, easy to follow, and great results. Will be using this designer again.”

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Moogle haakpatroon (ENGELS)
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