My first book, ‘Kleine held op sokken’ was made at the start of 2019 with the writer Barend Last. After that we continued right away with novel for teenagers called ‘De Vrijbuiter’ in a totally different style! A small book with games was added to that, ‘Het geheim van de smid’. After that, I started on ‘KIERA BOERA KARABAS!’, my second picture book, in a collaboration with the writer Marion Brillemans and I made the cover for the beautiful book ‘Wij zijn nooit voorbij’, with Stichting Nooit Voorbij.

Other illustration projects

Nice dragon…

I’ve made some illustrations to go with a concept story about a cute little dragon.

De Nierpatientenvereniging

For the ‘Nierpatientenvereniging’ I’ve been illustrating their annual report since 2019 and I did some illustrations for ‘De Wisselwerking’, their magazine.